Friday, 13 April 2012

You Know You're Addicted When...

I have recently had a very profound self realization:  I have been in major denial for quite some time now...

I heard the term 'polish-aholic' and laughed.  "Pfftt...not me," I said...  "I can stop anytime I want to."

I now know "I'm addicted."

You Know You're Addicted When:
  • You will swatch nail polish onto anything you can get your hands on.
  • You are swatching in bed, with your head on the pillow, right before you turn out the light.
  • You go straight to the nail polish aisle of every store you enter.
  • You have more posts in your Facebook news feed from Nail Polish/Art pages than from your own friends.
  • You just cannot forget *that polish* you saw in the store the other day.
  • You are displaying your nail polish.
  • There is always a certain polish/colour you are looking to find *somewhere*.
  • You are showing the men in your family cool nail art you've seen online.
  • You spend hours reading thru nail polish & art blogs.
  • You are buying nail polish as your 'treat'.
  • You buy nail polish online.
  • Your mother asks you if she should be worried when you tell her you just bought eleven bottles of nail polish...
Soooo... What happens if you don't want to stop?

I ask you: Is there some kind of therapy for this kind of addiction?!

Please feel free to post a comment below.  I'm curious - do you have another way to tell you're addicted to nail polish and/or nail art?


  1. LOL, seriously! I am surprised that Hoarders doesn't do an episode devoted to nail polish addicts and our nail polish "collections." I used to say I wasn't addicted but I realized last month I managed to collect over 200 bottles in just 3 months. Yikes! So ya needless to say...currently on a NO-Buy for the month of April. =(

    1. lol I bet you could do a whole show based on going from polish addict to polish addict each different episode. Imagine them trying to force polish addicts to throw out their nail polish etc. HAHA don't know if I could watch a show like that...

      LOL I hear someone knocking at my door...