Thursday, 26 April 2012

Yum Yum Bubble Gum

GOSH that is...

I was in a super girly-pinky-type mood (for some strange reason) the other day.  Instantly I thought of Bubble Gum!  Off to my polish display I went! (Yeah, I just said display lol.)

GOSH Bubble Gum is a creme polish.  The application is pretty good (a tad streaky.)  The wear was excellent though.  This is a great polish for nail art - nice and opaque.  I love the colour - really pretty :)

(I'm wearing three coats in the pic - tho I could have gotten away with two me thinks.)  Also, this first pic was taken with my camera, so the colour is more accurate.

Soooo... once I had lovely pink nails... I just *had* to art them up a bit.  (I think I see a blank canvas when my nails are a solid colour like that... I just can't seem to leave them alone!)

Andddd...  Since I can always use the practise, I thought I would try more flowers.  I was pretty happy with the result but will definitely be practising more.
*wheels start turning*

For this look I used:

Nubar - foundation basecoat
Gosh - bubble gum (base colour)
Gosh - flamingo
Gosh - wild lilac
Gosh - early green
OPI - alpine snow
Seche Vite - dry fast top coat

So watcha think?  What's your go-to pink polish?


  1. No go-to pinks here. lol. I've got one bubblegum pink I bought on a whim that I swatched on one finger and have yet to do anything else with, and a baby pink I want to buy and try. There are so many lovely pinks out there, I'm just not convinced any of them are for me.

    1. Actually the bubble gum was one of those polishes I bought on a whim... I would never normally buy such a colour let alone wear it lol.

      Grab your pink and hop out of the box with me lol

  2. Adorable flowers! My go-to pink would probably be OPI-DS Extravagance, but that's much darker. I don't have any baby pinks. I should get some!

    1. Thank you :)

      OooOo I have and love the same polish. Such a pretty colour! Great toe polish too lol

  3. That's adorable, I love the flowers :3 It's really hard to find a good pink that isn't streaky, isn't it? I usually go for Sally Hansen I Pink I Can but I've been looking for something paler lately. Maybe I'll give this one a go!

  4. Thanks Sietske :)
    I was happily surprised by this pink - I'd recommend it. :)