Monday, 28 May 2012

Royal Jelly & Rainbow Connection Sandwich

Here we have for your perusal: A luscious Royal Jelly and Rainbow Connection sandwich!

This is my very first attempt at any nail polish 'sandwiching'. I must say I will be trying this again soon!  So many possibilities and I love this look. (Why haven't I tried this sooner?!)

I have been wanting Revlon Royal for a while now and picked it up the other day (so glad I did!)  I have recently noticed I have a new found love of blue nail polish.  I'm a purple girl.  But I'll tell ya, there are some beautiful blues out there.  How could I not fall in love with them?!  After I bought two blue polishes it occurred to me I should count and see just how many blues I've *cough* 'fallen in love with'.  To my surprise my blues equal my pinks which are second to my purples... hmmm... anyhow... changing the subject... back to the jelly sandwich manicure....

I used two coats of Revlon - Royal to start.  (I'm thinking this is normally a three-coat polish. Dry time was good.  Maybe it's just me but it seemed easy to dent at first.  Colour = Gorgeous!  Literally a royal blue.)

Next I painted one coat of OPI - Rainbow Connection.  (Great coverage for a glitter polish and easy to get out of the bottle.  Not such a fan of the glitter colours per se, but I sure love the way they look under the royal blue jelly!)

Here's the work-in-progress:

Next came one more royal jelly layer and two coats of NYC topcoat (kinda thirsty after all that hard work..)

YES that looks like blue and green glitter in a blue jelly base! o.O

I really love how multidimensional sandwiching with this royal jelly polish looks.  Sooooo deep like an ocean... You know that blue that looks black, deep near the bottom?  That's what I'm talking about!

For this look I used:

Sally Hansen - nailgrowth miracle (already on my nails)
Revlon - royal
OPI - rainbow connection
NYC - grand central station (love this quick dry topcoat!!)
- 'Finished' photos were taken in rainy-day-light.  No sun this time around. -

Thanks so much for reading!  Hope you enjoyed :)


  1. I always said I was a purple girl too but I recently realized I own more blue than purple and was surprised. I LOVE how this came out. Really pretty layering.

    1. lol sue we're in the same boat! (purples and blues)

      tyvm for the compliment :)

  2. Omg I love how this turned out!!! Very cool!

  3. pretty!

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