Saturday, 19 May 2012

Twilight Zone - Floam

Twilight zone-Floam nails.  I just had to do it...

I just got my very first Indie polish this past Monday - none other than the one and only Floam.  I had to see what all the fuss was about - and WOW is all I can say.  I love this stuff!!!  Floam did not disappoint! I'll be going into more detail about Floam for sure in a later post lol...

So I wore the *awesome* Floam for five days (great wear) and then my DRK-A stamping plate arrived in the mail Friday morning.  All I can say is the world stopped until I had my last finger stamped.  I really love the swirl design and knew it would look super cool over the Floam. (Side note: I finally have stamping images that will fit my nails.  Oh Happy Day!!)

I have just loved my nails for the past six days.  I guess enough to share my joy lol!

Soooo even though this is a week old mani...  and I took the photo with my phone...  and it's my non-photo hand too (done with my left)...... I thought I'd write this quickie post.  Ok.  There's my disclaimer lol.  I feel better about posting the photo now.

Have you tried Floam yet?  What's your favourite Indie polish?


  1. Love the Floam with stamping. Very cool.

    1. Thanks Sue :) I think the Floam will be a favourite to use under stamping... It has so much character, it really pops out from underneath!